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Surface Sanitizer

Safetyware surface sanitizer is a powerful germicidal sanitizer which is specially formulated with unique blend of IPA and purified water suitable for variety of surfaces. 

Effectively kill germs, viruses & fungi on most of hard surfaces including all types of floor, lift buttons, door handles, garbage area, desktops, toilet area, sinks, closet, storage areas and etc.

*With 75% Alcohol Content


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Safetyware Surface Sanitizer

Contains necessary ingredients to keep illnesses away from you and your loved ones.

This surface sanitizer is free of dye, synthetic fragrances and harsh chemicals which made cleaning safer while retaining skin moisture. 


30 Seconds Rule

Only 30 seconds to eliminate 99% of harmful germs, bacteria and viruses.

99% Elimination

Eliminates bacteria, viruses & fungi on hard surfaces, when used as directed.

Safe for

No added dyes or fragrances in ingredient thus gentle and safe for all skin types.

No Dilution Needed

Convenient for
use at anytime and anywhere as
no dilution is


Ready for direct usage with no rinsing required. Just spray and


Suitable for disinfectant use on all kinds of hard-surfaces.

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What are you waiting for ?

❤️ Get a hold of the effective multi-application surface sanitizer to keep you and loved ones safe at all time . 
Remember, a clean environment 🌿 is a safe environment

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